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Testing and Evaluations 


We  provide  Neurological and Psycho-Educational assessments  including Independent Educational Evaluations  (IEE) for children and adolescents. NELDC provides comprehensive diagnostic educational evaluations for children from age 3 through age 22,and college students.  All evaluation instruments are widely used and parallel the instruments used in the public schools.


Full  Assessment

NELDC's evaluation is distinguished by its in-depth examination of the whole individual. The process involves gathering information from significant people in the individualís life: parents, a spouse, and/or teacher(s). Our professional diagnostician selects the range of inventories to be used based on individual needs. We offer a variety of assessments in the following categories:

Cognitive (Thinking)
Achievement (Performance)
Executive Function SkillsChild Evaluation
Screens for attention

Other assessments are given on an as-needed basis to further diagnose specific areas such as reading, listening, language, executive functions, and visual-motor abilities. Our licensed psychologist  provide additional insights through a separate consultation.

Written Evaluation
NELDCís comprehensive report includes a profile of cognitive abilities and academic strengths and weaknesses, and offers strategies to improve performance at school, college, or work.