Talented and Gifted Program
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Talented and Gifted Home School Program


The Need for Gifted Programs

NELDC Center for the Talented and Gifted has developed an innovative and unique approach to education for the gifted child. The program are designed specifically to meet the unique educational needs of gifted children in an environment that is supportive and nurturing of their individual gifts and talents.  

Gifted children are at a high risk for being misdiagnosed with ADHD because they can present as being highly distractible.
The structured  everyday school evironment can be very difficult for a gifted child.  Gifted  children can become bored very easily.   Getting out of their seat and being figety is often enough for the classroom teacher to set up a meeting with the school principal and parents.   
There are very few programs and private schools for children that are talented and gifted child and even fewer programs for gifted  children who present  as learning disabled and gifted.  Our  program for the gifted includes those who are both gifted and learning disabled.
Presently we are working with gifted students  at the University of Massaschusetts Dartmouth and in our home school program.
If you live in interested in our Talented and Gifted Program,  contact us at neldc.org@gmail.com or call 508-717-4110

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