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Effective Treatment of ADHD

There are several  effective treatments that have proven in some children to work better than psychotropic  medications, which can have serious side effects.  Because of the high potential for abuse, Ritalin and Adderall  drugs prescribed to children are classified as controlled substances and require the parent to present  a picture  ID when picking up these drugs at a drug store.

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese kids do not usually  take
psychotropic medications, yet consistently outperform American kids in school and are better behaved in the academic setting.   When, I participated in the  English Program for Chinese Kids, the first thing I noticed was that the food the kids had was much better, as it consisted mostly of vegetables, fruit and meat.  Rest periods were built into the school day, so even though the day was longer, there was time for the kids to play.

Cocoa has been shown to be an effective in the treatment for ADHD and ADD for both children and adults, as it increases blood flow to the brain rather than relying on amphetamines which overtax the cells in the brain that produce dopamine.  These cells have  burn out causing the person to require higher and higher doses of stimulant medication to get the same desired effect, even as the behavior continues to worsen.  Walnuts and other sources of Omega three have been very helpful in helping to reduce the symptoms of ADHD.

Karate, Kungfu and Judo are sports that are also very effecting in minimizing the symptoms of ADHD as movement facilitates brain growth.  When a child is very active and engages in a lot of movement, that is indicative of brain growth occuring.

Amphetamines and stimulant Drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall,  have proven to cause high blood pressures which can lead to microvasular ischemia,causing brain damage.   High blood pressure can also  lead to heart problems even in children.   Ann Hohmann, who was featured on Good Morning America, son at age 11 dropped dead on the bathroom floor after taking "stimulant medication".  

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