Home School for Talented and Gifted

The NELDC Talented and Gifted Homeschool program offers information, lesson plans and other educational resources for gifted children. More specifically, our unique approach encourages and utilizes physical activity during the lesson. As indicated by several research studies, physical activity during or prior to learning has a profound effect on cognition and memory. One of the key characteristics of giftedness includes excitability and fast pace learning. Our lessons embrace this characteristic, and encourage the child to physically play while learning. Traditional academic settings don't allow for this approach, hence homeschooling.

IEP New England Learning and Diagnostic Center


We are a preeminent small nonprofit organization founded by a group of parents with very bright children. We work with parents to develop home school lesson plans for talented and gifted students. We provide IQ testing and educational services.

Who are we?

The NELDC is a private non-profit organization. The Talented and Gifted (TAG) Homeschool program is a combined effort of both Jim Paicopolos, and Clinical Social worker Nicole S. Bourgeois, MSW. Both Jim and Nicole are parents of gifted children, and the information and lesson plans provided here are highly successful.

    Characteristics of Giftedness

    • Reasons well
    • Learns rapidly
    • Has extensive vocabulary
    • Has an excellent memory
    • Has a long attention span (if interested in the content)
    • Sensitive (feelings hurt easily)
    • Shows compassion
    • Perfectionistic
    • Intense
    • Morally sensitive
    • Has strong curiosity
    • Perseverant in their interests
    • Has high degree of energy
    • Prefers older companions or adults
    • Has a wide range of interests
    • Has a great sense of humor
    • Early or avid reader (if too young to read, loves being read to)
    • Concerned with justice, fairness
    • Judgment mature for age at times
    • Is a keen observer
    • Has a vivid imagination
    • Is highly creative
    • Tends to question authority
    • Has facility with numbers

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